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3PL Third-Party Logistics Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the overall advantages to using Windward Transportation?

  • Client’s enjoy relieving themselves of personnel and administrative hassles, standardizing delivery costs, and increasing efficiency.
  • For more information about what we do, please see our page on Services.

What is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Service?

  • An outsourced service provided by a company that specializes in transporting, warehousing and scheduling of the delivery of goods owned by others.
  • A 3PL provider…
    • Takes physical possession of goods to be delivered
    • Arranges the appropriate delivery method or mode of transportation
    • Arranges schedules and handles all operational tasks associated with the delivery process
  • These services may be provided on a one-time or ongoing basis.

What types of deliveries can you do?

  • Windward Transportation Company provides ground transportation via any sized truck and can coordinate air freight delivery and pick-up services.
  • Windward handles all types of shipments:
    • TL (Truckload)
    • LTL (Less-than-Truckload)
    • OD (Over Dimensional)
    • Airfreight
    • Ocean.

What industries benefit from 3PL services?

  • Most companies that have daily needs, or infrequent needs, for the delivery of their products can benefit from third party logistics.

What are your service areas?

  • Windward services most of North America, including the entire United States, Canada, Mexico and many International destinations.
  • If you are unsure if we serve a specific area, please, just call us and ask.
  • We look forward to serving you!

Can Windward Transportation save my company money?

  • Yes. As experts in transporting and warehousing, we operate efficiently and assume the administrative, as well as the physical roles of delivery.
  • By providing a reliable service, with fixed costs and knowing how to obtain the lowest costs for delivery we routinely lower our client’s delivery costs.

Will I lose control of my delivery process?

  • No. Our sharp focused tracking capabilities allow us to know exactly where your shipments are while enroute.
  • In addition, your shipment is monitored from the time of pickup until delivered.
  • You can rest assured, when you call Windward Transportation, your call will be answered by a live person in our office to quickly handle any question or inquiry.

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Windward’s Specialized Services

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Windward Transportation also can accommodate your shipping needs, ranging from the smallest items to multi-ton freight, utilizing all types of equipment utilizing…

  • Truckload (TL) or Less-than-Truckload (LTL) shipments
  • Tarped Loads
  • Over Dimensional Loads
  • Palletizing
  • Crating
  • Shipment Preparation
  • Inside pick up and deliveries

All shipments are monitored daily until delivered. Installation and removal of machinery can be arranged.

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Windward’s Winning Customer Service & Commitment

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If you aren’t sure which Windward Transportation solution is right for you, just ask one of our knowledgeable customer support specialists when you call. We’re glad to answer any question you have and will work very hard to resolve your urgent shipment requirement. We also offer ad-hoc and short-term logistics projects requiring multiple modes of shipping.

No matter if you need to accelerate or rescue a shipment en route, Windward will exceed your expectations in your most critical time of need.

Our Commitment to You

Windward embodies the art and science of logistics. We manage and control the flow of goods, energy and information to every person involved in the transportation of your shipment. It is difficult to accomplish any marketing or manufacturing without logistical support. This is where Windward Transportation shines.

We successfully involve the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling and packaging into one guaranteed assurance of excellence. We select the best driver for each shipment and ensures your delivery arrives safely and promptly.

We promise that you will know where your shipment is at all times, guaranteed!

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What can you expect from our Third-Party Logistics company?

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Upon providing your specific shipping requirements, we advise what service options are available to you based upon your needs.¬†Windward’s Potential 3PL Freight Solutions include…

  • Exclusive-Use Vehicles
  • Trade Shows
  • Air Freight
  • Packaging
  • Installation & Removal of Heavy Machinery
  • Over-Dimensional
  • Medical Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Additional solutions also available

We will help you select the best Windward Transportation solution to match your needs. When you need expedited freight shipping services that are faster than standard services can deliver, Windward will be there for you when you need us most.

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3PL Service Options

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What are my equipment and service options?

Windward Transportation offers a wide variety of equipment to meet any demand of any shipment. If you find that you need a piece of equipment that is not on this list, please feel free to call and we’ll find exactly the right solution for you!¬†You really should take a quick look at a few pieces of equipment we regularly utilize to transport our clients’ freight.

  • Power Only
  • Emergency Services
  • Flatbeds
  • Double Drop trailers
  • Step Deck trailers
  • Vans
  • Air Ride Vans with Logistics (Blankets, Straps and Decking)
  • Multi-Axle for Heavy Hauling
  • Ocean Freight

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Experience World Class 3PL Services

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A Leading Third Party Logistics 3PL Provider

Windward Transportation Company is a leading Third Party Logistics 3PL provider of domestic and international transportation, warehousing, freight management, and contract packaging solutions. Over the last 10 years, Windward has grown into a well-renowned Supply Chain Management company.  You can always depend on us to successfully resolve your logistics challenges and to monitor the safe shipment of your freight.

Windward Specializes In Timely and Sensitive Expediting of Your Products

Our expertise qualifies us to handle a wide variety of critical and high-value products.   We assure you that your shipment will be handled with integrity and cargo security.  We offer installation and removal of heavy equipment throughout the US and Canada.

Trust Windward Transportation Company for any of your national, international, domestic, interstate, intrastate, 3PL needs.

You Can Expect Extraordinary Handling and Care

Our customers can always expect extraordinary handling and care with each shipment and inventoried warehouse items. A site assessment is just a small part of the services provided with each move.  This allows each specific shipment individualized attention in order to provide the most feasible and cost efficient services to our clients.

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